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"A multi tasking woman who can balance both the stresses of running a business as an entrepreneur, and the time-consuming duties of motherhood at the same time." As my kids got older I felt the pull to staying home for them and to keep a promise I made to myself when I was kid You know that one you say to yourself “When I grow up my kids will….never have to walk to school ( I said that everyday walking to school as a kid) My job was stressful and I didn’t enjoy what I did even though I was in an industry I loved. When I left, I started working part time but missed the full-time income. I knew there had to be something out there for me that I could do and still pick my kids up after school and make every track meet and football game. When I found Beachbody it gave me back the freedom to help contribute financially and still be there for my kids. Whether you are a stay at home mom or busy working mom, I think we can all agree that juggling the task of being a FULL ON - HA…

Food Tip Friday

Stock up on canned, Albacore Wild Tuna. It's my go to when I need a quick lunch, dinner, or snack on a busy day.
It can be added to gluten free bread, sprouted whole grain wraps, lettuce wraps, or delicious raw salads in minutes!

Quick Recipe:
Canned Albacore Wild Tuna mixed with Dijon mustard, capers, grape tomato cut in halves and kalamata olives

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1/2 lemon,
2 tablespoons evo, pepper and salt to taste.

When I joined my first challenge group, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that being 30lbs. overweight was not where I desired to be. I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin and didn’t want anyone to see me. I felt ashamed that I had let myself go and the scale number continued to rise. My pants were too tight and I could no longer fit in my favorite board shorts. I was a runner and didn’t like working out but running wasn’t cutting it and after failing once again, I knew something had to change. I reluctantly joined a challenge group and to my surprise, I found I was not alone. Many people had similar circumstances and were ready for a change. They were looking for support and wanted to feel better about themselves. After the first few days, I was excited to be in this private group. Due to the amount of support and encouragement, I knew I had made the best decision. I learned about healthy eating and portion control which I originally thought was silly because I was confide…
Save More Money

Shopping for groceries, and eating out less you will start to save money. Once you write out your meal plan and the ingredients you will need. Now you can shop and buy only the items you will need for that week. Sticking to your list will save you time and money

Healthier choices vs Eating last minute

If you don't meal plan you'll find yourself going out for dinner. And you are most likely to end up exceeding your daily calorie and sodium intake! Even just stopping at the grocery store to pick up a last minute dinner may lead to poor choices. When you shop hungry, you are more likely to throw junk food into your cart.

Check the weather.
Seriously. Right now, the weather is changing, spring and summer are on their way. Check out the weather forecast, and make your plan based on how you feel and are in the mood for. Soup or Salad?

Prep food as soon as you get back from the store. Wash and dry lettuce. Chop onions. Cook marinate chicken or beef for the week.