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Don't Skip Breakfast...

You may have heard this a lot and think oh no big deal it won't hurt me.  Au contraire, in reality skipping any meal will mess up your weight loss and even add to your weight gain.  Here is why breakfast is the meal you never want to leave home without. Skipping breakfast will lead to snacking until it’s time for your next meal and or eating more than if you would have just eaten breakfast.  I recently was visiting my good friend who is also a nutritionist, she showed me a very quick and easy way to cook an egg.  This is a fast way to cook, for those of us who say we have no time.  What I love about this is you can even do make it in your work microwave with no hassle.  Enjoy!
Easy as 1, 2, 3 1 small bowl EVO 1 egg 1 slice of bread – I use Ezekiel bread or Dave’s power seed thin sliced bread. 4-6 strawberries (depending on size)

Add 1 teaspoon EVO into a small bowl and swirl around as to grease the sides.  Add one egg.  Put in micro wave for 30 sec (don’t for get to cover) and D…


Can you give me 21 days?! 30 minutes a day? I'm looking for the next 15 ladies that are ready to go all-in to change their health. I want those that really want this and that don't want to put themselves and their health on the back burner. It's not so easy to do with everything going on...BUT, everyone has 30 minutes a day, and it's only 21 days!! So NO excuses right!!

So, here's the are going to have an EXACT workout program that will show you EXACTLY what to do to get you RESULTS...then I will give you tons of meal plans and nutritional support as well You will get the color coded portion control container system that I've been posting that determines HOW MUCH protein/fats/carbs to eat with each meal. It's FOOL-PROOF! As long as you meet me halfway, commit and put in the effort, we will get you to your goals.

We start NEXT MONDAY with 5 days of clean eating and official kick off, and only go *3 WEEKS* so you're done and feeling amazing WHO…

10 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Author Whitney Provost who writes for Beachbody really gives you some great reasons why women should lift weights.  I can relate to all of them.  My personal goal is to live a healthy life for me and my kids.  Keep reading and I hope this helps.

Many women believe that the only way to lose weight is to do cardiovascular (aerobic exercise). So they jog or take aerobics classes five times a week. Eventually, though, they notice that while their bodies are a little smaller, there are still a lot of flabby and jiggly bits. Sound familiar? Aerobic exercise is important for good health, but it’s only half of the equation. Keep reading for the other half. For optimal fitness, longevity, and a lean body, weight training is essential. If you avoid pumping iron because you’re afraid of getting “bulky,” then you’re missing out on one of the best fat-burning methods around. When you’re weight training, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on the scale to gauge your progress. You can use a body fat tes…

Parmesan Chicken ( Clean Eating )

Easy as 1,2,3 recipe and so yummy.  This is one your kids will love and they won't even know it is good for them.
Ingredients 2 pounds chicken breasts, boneless and skinless1/4 cup gluten free bread crumbs or whole wheat panko crumbs (not gluten free)2 tbsp fresh grated Parmesan cheese2 egg whites1/4 tsp sea salt1/8 tsp black pepper1/8 tsp lemon pepper1/8 tsp oregano Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees f.Break open eggs into a shallow dish and scramble well.In a medium mixing bowl, combine bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, sea salt, black pepper, lemon pepper and oregano.Dip each side of chicken breast into the egg and then into bread crumb mixture.Place in a large baking dish.Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.