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I am so proud of this man and his dedication to re-committing to take care of himself and retaking control of his health and fitness.  Read his journey and let him know how proud you are. We all struggle at some point but the key is to pick ourselves back up and move forward.


I am so proud of this man and his dedication to re-committing to take care of himself and retaking control of his health and fitness.  Read his journey and let him know how proud you are. We all struggle at some point but the key is to pick ourselves back up and move forward.

I feel better now.

A few years ago, I was in world class condition having completed 2 Ironman events within a 6-month time frame. Prior to that, I was a distance runner and had maintained a strong level of fitness for nearly two decades. Fast forward to 2015 and the stresses of work began to cause my focus, motivation and attitude toward fitness to stray. While my nutrition was never poor, the focus that I know to be best for my wellness was certainly not a priority. The entire year of 2016 was nothing less than trial by fire as work pressures increased and the focus on my own health continued to disappear.

The end of 2016 brought a blessing disguised as a curse with a corporate reorganization and layoffs. I could exit on my terms, come home and spend time resting. After one week of contemplation, I realized the thing missing was my fitness. I had gained 65+ pounds and needed to reclaim my “normal” self.

With the help of my wife and her coaching , I returned to the programs with impressive results. I was losing weight, gaining fitness and improving my mental clarity. I had lost 30+ pounds by this point and was feeling great. Along with continued workouts, I also included running several times per week.
A badly sprained ankle while on a run at the beginning of April brought a halt to all workouts for more than a week. I was working again, in a more manageable situation with less stress and allowance for focus on my physical well-being. I could not do anything with rapid movement on my ankle so I crafted a workout strategy using high rep weight training along with stretching. As my ankle began to heal (slowly), we moved back to our home workouts while I continued with weight training.  In a total of 7 months, I have lost 65+ pounds and continue to move closer to my Ironman fitness/weight.

I have a bit more work to do but the change between 2016 and 2017 has been memorable for sure. Without the support of my wife and her continued efforts as a Health and fitness coach, I am certain I would not have seen these results. I am confident that my focus is now on point and the remainder of our year will be amazing.

Are you ready to start your journey? Send me a message and lets talk about how I can help you.


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